Our Expertise

Market intelligence
and merchandising

Design and product

Technology and
manufacturing process

Quality assurance
and testing

Warehousing and


Our business development strategy is to provide a turnkey solution from creation to delivery, a service that is highly favoured by all of our clients.

As a leader in the North American underwear market, we continue to provide and create innovative products that contribute to the growth and sustainability of the apparel industry. Partnering with suppliers around the globe that we actively engage with, we maintain control over the entire vertical manufacturing process.

Our Know How and turnkey solution to build your brand and business

At Chateau Bodywear, the value we provide originates with a long-standing history of high-level service and superior know-how. We are known in the industry for our expertise and we are highly efficient when it comes to coordinating the resources needed for launching and maintaining a successful underwear program.

We bring

the highest value underwear product to the global market as a premier supplier.

We monitor

the quality of our products consistently with both our internal and external labs.

We teach

our suppliers to be the best producers of our fabrics and garments by passing on our expertise and longstanding knowledge in fabric development and sewing techniques and ensure that state-of-the-art methods are continually applied.

Our value propositions

  1. Reducing your time in developing new products
  2. Reducing your overhead and design costs
  3. Reducing your warehousing costs
  4. Reducing or eliminating your logistical challenges
  5. Reach new market shares and maintain the best image for your brands

We make sure you have the right product at the right place